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Vicente Lerro Record's offers courses about:

  • Music Production

  • Mixing

  • Mastering


Music Production

Join our music production course and unlock the skills to produce music that resonates with your audience. Whether you dream of producing your own tracks, collaborating with artists, or pursuing a career in the music industry, our course will empower you to create captivating, professional-grade music. 


Unlock the art of professional audio mixing with our comprehensive mixing course. Whether you're an aspiring audio engineer, a musician looking to enhance your production skills, or simply passionate about creating exceptional sound, our courses are designed to take your mixing abilities to the next level.


Discover the art and science of audio mastering with our comprehensive mastering course. Whether you're an aspiring mastering engineer, a producer looking to enhance your final mix, or an artist who wants to understand the intricacies of the mastering process, our course is designed to elevate your skills and unlock the full potential of your music.

What You Will Learn?

Music Production​

  • Arrange

  • Program Drums

  • Create Bass lines

  • Create Chord Progressions

  • Create Melodies

  • Record live instruments

  • Record Vocals

  • Preparing your Tracks for Mixing.

       Price:$40 per month per 8 clases


  • Adjust a mix session naming, organizing, and coloring.

  • Achieve a static mix with fader balancing and panoramic.

  • Shape tone with EQ and avoid frequency masking.

  • Apply compression for dynamic balance.

  • Choose and apply plugins for maximum impact.

  • Use automation to create a dynamic mix.

  • Use references to reach your goals.

  • Prepare a mix for mastering.

       Price:$40 per month per 8 clases


  • Listen to the mix critically and make note of any issues or areas that need improvement.

  • Use equalization to address any tonal imbalances. 

  • Apply compression to control the dynamic range of the mix. 

  • Use stereo imaging techniques to widen the mix and create a sense of space.

  • Apply subtle saturation or harmonic enhancement techniques to add warmth, presence, and excitement to the mix.

  • Use a limiter to bring up the overall loudness of the mix to a competitive level without sacrificing too much dynamic range.

  • Export the final mastered track in the appropriate file format for distribution.

       Price:$40 per month per 8 clases

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